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            Send us your prints and we'll contact you ASAP. 

            MANDREL provides precision CNC Swiss screw machine parts, Metal Turning, Machining, Finishing, Polishing, Grinding , Cold heading, Stamping , Assembling, Rubber extrusion &Molded. We are able to meet demanding needs for precision  components and sub-assemblies for industries including medical, automotive, fastener, hardware, motor/pumps, HVAC, motion control, oil and gas and many others.

            • Dedicated equipment for rapid protoyping and parts production

            • Certified to ISO 9001:2008

            Send us your print and/or 3D CAD file (SolidWorks files welcomed), and you can expect:

            • To quickly receive an acknowledgement that we've received the print and request for quote

            • Feedback from us right away if there are any problems opening the file or other obvious issues

            • To receive a “no quote” if the part is outside MANDREL’s capabilities

            • To receive suggestions for ways to optimize design for manufacturing, to reduce cost without losing functionality

            • To receive a quote with the shortest possible lead-time for delivery

            • To pay similar prices for similar parts at similar quantities

            • Notification of when your parts are shipping

            • Satisfaction in every interaction

            We take each RFQ seriously and will provide you with the delivery, quality, pricing and most important, the communication needed to delivery parts quickly. Thank you for considering us. For the quickest and most accurate quote, complete the form below. 

            Submit for RFQ

            Quantity, desired lead-time and anything else we need to know!

            Please select a file less than 20M to upload

            If you have more files to upload, you can do so on the page after submitting this form.