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            * 1992 Mainly engaged in glasses accessories hinges, locks, micro- screws, etc  designing and producing

            * 2004 Development of precision machining (ACTARIS, GEMS, etc)

            * 2005 ISO9001,2008 Certification

            * 2012 Serving for automobile & motobike ( HONDA, DEPHI)

            * 2013 Move to new factory, 5,000 square meters (3,000 square meters for production line)

            * 2015 Import ERP management

            * 2017 Develop five-year plan and Sales increased by 30% per year

            Custom Parts Partner

            Metal Turning, Machining, Finishing, Polishing, Grinding , cold heading, stamping & AssemblingRubber extrusion, Molded 

            Mandrel company is your precision machining & rubber seal partner, manufacturing burr-free tight tolerance parts. We provide the precision required by Automotive, Medical Devices, Electronic, Hardware, Motor/ Pumps, Oil and Gas, Fasteners, Windows & doors ,Industrial Products and many other diverse industries that demand perfection.

            We have more than 20 years of experience with precision machining metal parts and custom metal cutting, grinding, lapping, polishing . Our experience, manufacturing capabilities, provide the skills and capacity to meet the needs of high technology device manufacturers. Specialty metals, micron tolerances, low and high volumes, complex metrology--all these and more are the requirements we achieve every day for products shipped worldwide.

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